Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find cooking instructions for your food?

Cooking instructions are found in the item details on our online order site, or all together on the Cooking Instructions page.

Can I freeze your food trays for later use?

Our chefs create your order fresh that same day, and that is how our food is best. But yes, if you aren’t going to be able to eat your dish within a few days, you can certainly freeze it for later. The trays we use are also rated for freezer use. Be aware that a frozen tray will take longer to cook through properly than a fresh one.

How do I get your order page to recognize my address, so that I can order for delivery?

If our order page doesn’t recognize your home address, or believes that it is out of our delivery area, you can use your location’s Plus Code instead. Our system should recognize your location using this format: Your Plus Code, Mazama, WA.
See this Google Support page for how to find your location’s Plus Code.

Do you have microwaveable meals?

Short answer: Not yet. Our meals are best cooked in an oven.

Longer Answer: After our chefs finished recoiling in horror when I brought it up, we agreed that this was theoretically possible with the right packaging and food. This will be something that we work on as another option for our customers, however it will take some time to get right and be sure that the end result is sufficiently up to our quality standards.