Business Temp Staffing

Methow Fresh provides skilled and efficient professionals in the food service industry, for temporary staffing within the Methow Valley, WA. Our employees will show up and help get you caught up during a busy time!

Do you have these things hurting your business? And your sanity?

  • Employee sick callouts?
  • Multiple no call, no shows?
  • Unexpectedly slammed with too much business?
  • Chronic understaffing, leading to worker overload?

We can help lower your stress level! Our employees:

  • Show up, and on time too!
  • Are skilled professionals in their fields
  • Work fast and efficiently
  • Will get the job done for you
  • Will setup your day for success!

We have these positions and others available for booking:

  • Chefs – whatever position/duty you need
  • Bartender – Barback
  • Let us know your needs!

Extra Benefits to you:

  • No further costs: We pay all employee taxes and benefits
  • Less paperwork for you
  • Our employees do not share in your tip pool, which helps keep your existing employees happier

Note: Hours are limited! Call ASAP to get your kitchen help scheduled! Ask about our introductory rate.

Other Services:

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning / Deep Cleaning (after hours)
  • Menu Design and Development
  • Customized Signature Dishes

Staffing Policies

  • You must create your staffing account with us, and fulfill our requirements, before using our services.
  • Minimum charge is 2 hours; 3 hours for Mazama and Sun Mountain.
  • Our rate is all-inclusive. We pay all payroll taxes and benefits. You have no further liability.
  • Time is billed in 6 minute increments, and will be rounded up to the next 6 minute period.
  • Our staff don’t participate in your tip pool.